Best Deal in Town

Everyone has their own reasons! 

My friend Cheryl has been a long time stamper and has been her daughter Kari's number one supporter, both in ordering and hands on helping with Kari's business.


Kari and I have been stamping business partners for the past 9 years or so. We put on in-person events together and share the tasks involved in the events.


We know each other through Cheryl. 


Kari has been going through some health issues for the past year and has had decided she needs to step back from her business to allow herself to have one less thing on her plate.


Cheryl decided that she wants to run with her own business, and asked if she could join my team. 


I am thrilled and very honored to have her choose me to be her leader.


We already have plans to move forward doing monthly events together. 


If you are local to us, I'm sure you won't notice much difference at all. Like daughter, like mother. Talented and personable!


Cheryl just took advantage of the extra fifty dollars in product available in the Starter Kit right now. 


Maybe you should take a look at it too!


Stampin' Up! is all about choices. 

There are actually two amazing starter kit specials this month. 


The Stampin' Up! Starter Kit is ALWAYS a great deal because you get to pick $125 worth of stamping supplies for only $99. AWESOME!!!


There is NO SHIPPING added! Stampin' Up! covers it for you! That's a great incentive right there! 


But, there's MORE! During the rest of January through March 31 there is a BONUS you can't beat! You get to choose an extra $50 in product for free! Yes, your Starter Kit will include $175 in product for the same $99! Wow!


The other special includes $175 in product too, but you can add the sweet looking and roomy Craft and Carry bag for only $30 more! It is a $50 value!


Craft_Carry bag


You choose which Starter Kit works for you!


Oh and you'll get at least 20% discount on all your orders after that!


Buying the Starter Kit means different things to different people.

You can sign up to get the great deal on the starter kit and never do anything again. In 3 months you'll just go back to being a customer. No worries!


You can get at least 20% discount on all the stamping supplies on your wish list moving forward. This is sustainable as long you you want to continue to add products to your stash!


You can share what you love and start making extra money as a part time job (like I do). I've been doing this as a business, but only putting in part time hours for over 9 years! BEST JOB EVER!


Or you could take a leap of faith and start building a business for yourself where YOU ARE THE BOSS! Let me tell you, you really can earn money sharing your love of papercrafting!


It's all up to you and the choice you make!


There's absolutely no pressure to sell or build this into a business if you don't want to. BUT, if you want to I'll be there to help you and answer questions every step of the way!


You can purchase as much product as you want, or you can be strategic on what you buy so that you can make money more quickly sharing what you love. 


I'll help you no matter what you choose to do with your Starter Kit.


There are several Facebook groups available for crafting or business inspiration.


My team meets via live video in a private Facebook group and I'd love to have you join us!


We'll share stamping ideas, talk about how to make money sharing the love of crafting. Oh and there's even a chance or two to win stamping prizes! 




What would you do with your Starter Kit? Imagine the possibilities!  


Pick your $175 in product, you can't go a penny over, so plan out what you want to get the most for your money. 


I can help if you need ideas. Contact me.


Order your starter kit 


Then get ready to make the vision you see become possible!