Birthday Card Bash - Jan 2018

Birthday card ideas

The first Birthday Card Bash is in the books and was a big success!

Eight card ideas were presented for the attendees to make. There was a nice variety of cards perfect for kids, feminine, masculine, or generic (could be used for anyone). Some of the cards were subtle and classic. Some were bright and festive. There were funny cards and sentimental ideas.

The best part is the cards were designed by two different designers; my stamping partner Kari and me. We both have a fairly clean and simple style, but they are just different enough that variety is abundant. I will be showcasing my cards in my newsletter for the next couple of weeks, so if you would like step by step instructions, join my list. I'd love to help you create these cards yourself. I will show Kari's cards (without instructions) on my Facebook page, so if you want to see close ups of all the cards, please come to my page and click on LIKE so you can see them first!