Card Shower Group

Card Shower Group! Because there was a need, a private Facebook Group was started to provide Card Showers! Lots of cards have been sent out! It is wonderful to see the love that is getting spread one card at a time!


Open to all! This group is open to all skill levels and not restricted to just Stampin' Up! products. It is about providing a little joy to someone who needs it. 


It is strictly a sharing group and the only requirement is that you are willing to provide a card at some time to someone who might be having a difficult time in their life.
You can join the group to ask for a card shower for someone! We need the requests for card showers as well as the card makers! When posting requests for cards, it can be for an illness, an upcoming surgery, a milestone birthday or just to let someone know that there are people thinking about them. 
We ask that each person post a photo of the card they are sending so that we can see all the creative loveliness too.
You can join the group just to see the cards that are being made and sent!  But, we hope at some point you will want to be part of the shower of cards.
Not looking for thanks! Taking part in card showers are not about being thanked. I have taken part on my own before starting the group. Someone I knew had asked for cards to be sent to her Dad after his surgery. I had sent one card and I wanted to send another one. I contacted her to verify that he was still at the temporary address that she had provided. She sent me a very touching message of gratitude: 
"Thank you so much for the card you sent my dad! No need to send another, thanks for asking. Unfortunately my dad passed away on the 23rd.  You were so kind to send it and he got it read to him more than once.  By the way my dad loved the ocean and wanted to go sailing on one of those big sailboats one day.  You're card was very fitting."
Do you want to send a folded hug too?! You can click on the words Card Showers to add your name to the growing list of loving people who are joining the group! Please share the group link to anyone you know that loves to send cards or who might be in need of requesting a card shower!
Our group is getting new members every day who are passionate about others and are spreading love one card at a time.