Creativity Starts Here

Does this sound familiar? You want to make a card or something cute for a friend or family member (good for you)! 

After spending about an hour on Pinterest, you finally find just the right project! 

Next you go to your supply closet (or room) and nothing you have seems quite right to get the look you wanted. 

You get discouraged and lose your desire to create. 


You give up.


Don't let this happen to you! First, you could attend one of my local events. We hold them two times per month where you could make cards to have on hand!

That would be GREAT if you're local to me. But, some of you aren't. Then what do you do?

Creativity Starts here! Paper Pumpkin kits! Subscribe with Duchess of Design!

You could have the cute projects come right to your door -- with Paper Pumpkin! Perfect size projects that take 30 minutes or so to create!


30 Minute projects?! Really!!! You'll adore the Paper Pumpkin kits!


You can grab a box when you want to have a little fun.


The projects only take about 30 minutes to complete! 


Quick set up, just open the BOX and GO! 


Clean up?! Nothing to it! Put anything you want to keep in the box and you're done!


Best DEAL! If you are a new subscriber, you can get 25% off your first three months! 


OH YEAH!! But, be sure to use promo code STARTHERE to get the deal!

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Take it with you! One of the sweet things about Paper Pumpkin is you can grab a box and go!


You just add some adhesive and a pair of scissors! We all have that!


It can go to the lake house, softball practice, or even on a business trip with you! 


Subscribe today and SKIP TO THE FUN!