Happy Birthday Card Kit in the Mail

This card kit is SOLD OUT!

One year ago Card Kit in the Mail

March 2021 is the one year birthday of Card Kit in the Mail!


Let me tell you a little about my business model.

I'm a fan of the Party Plan model that most direct sales businesses are based on.

I've hosted and attended MANY, many parties.

You know the routine:

You attend a party that your friend booked and you order to help her get things for free or as bonuses.

Since I always felt awkward "asking" for the bookings, I quickly turned to a monthly, in person stamping event as something to offer.

It allowed me to offer stamping fun without anyone feeling obligated to purchase more than the supplies they'd be using that day.

I'd invite people I had met, and have them come and make 8 projects that myself and my stamping partner created.

Some people would even purchase double or triple sets to work on in the time they had to stamp together.

I loved these gatherings.

They worked well with the limited time I had available and it provided a "day away" for my stamping friends who attended.

I had always dreamed of doing more online. I see what other Demonstrators do online. I liked some of what I saw, and didn't like some.

I always knew "someday" I'd create an online version of my business, but last March I was FORCED to do it.

Our state as well as most of the country was put into LOCKDOWN for a "few weeks".

The birth of Card Kit in the Mail

I had already prepped my projects for our March in person stamping day which was shut down, so I offered the projects to those who had RSVP'd to the stamping day.

I had a couple people take me up on the "kit" version but still had some prepped projects available.

Next I reached out to a large group of people all over the country and offered a "kit" version of the projects.

This sold out the remaining prepped projects, so I just needed to put together a little instructions with photos of the finished projects so anyone could take the kits and prep them into finished cards.


To celebrate the Card Kit in the Mail we will have two bonus card projects with each kit.

The single kit will include 10 cards for only $25.

The double kit will include 18 cards for $45

and the BEST DEAL is a triple kit will include 26 cards for $65.

If you'd like to just purchase the instructions, there's an option for that as well!

As usual the kits include all the pre-cut, punched and die cut pieces, envelopes, as well as any embellishments required.

You will need to provide your own stamp set and ink to complete the projects, but they are designed so that you can make the cards for any occasion of your choosing.

Kits are SOLD OUT!