Just do it!

My thought for today is JUST DO IT! I really appreciate Nike spending all that money on their advertising all those years ago to come up with this slogan. It is ingrained in my psyche. I use it often. It is short and to the point! JUST DO IT!

Does this happen to you? I find I get wrapped up in the “day to day” and forget to let myself enjoy “me” time. Funny how everything else jumps ahead of taking a mere 20 or 30 minutes spent just doing an activity that I love to do and that relaxes me so. Sound familiar? Being the wife, the Mommy, the Gramma, the caregiver, the "everything wrapped up in one" takes its toll. Let’s be honest, it is all so rewarding, but it is all so draining!

Join me and give yourself permission to JUST DO IT. Do it, whatever IT is for you. JUST DO IT!

My happy place! For me it all about creating, and most often that creation is a card. I am not talking about some show-stopping, fireworks & waterfalls card. I am talking the most simple and basic card. A little paper. Just a little stamping. Classic, basic, no thinking. Use the supplies on hand!

I know you have supplies on hand. That is the thing I hear most often, “I have a ROOM FULL OF STUFF!” Ok, then go in there, pull out one sheet of cardstock (Melon Mombo), a piece of paper (Pop of Pink), ONE stamp set (Rose Wonder), ONE ink pad (Melon Mambo or Basic Black) and JUST DO IT! Make one card! Heck! Go crazy and make two…the piece of cardstock will make two cardbases! Embellish it if you want!

JUST DO IT! You will feel so happy once you do it! The inner artist in you will squeal in delight! Then do me a favor, write a little note inside that card and mail it to someone JUST BECAUSE! Spread that happiness you feel! Bring delight to someone else’s day! JUST DO IT!