Making a difference one card at a time

Why I do what I do!

Stamping together builds friendships and relationships. One of my stampers attends my events almost every month. She has been coming for about 7 years! I enjoy getting to visit with her and just last year we even discovered we had common people in our families (through marriage). Often she attends with at least one of her sister-in-laws but often enough with all three. It is a hoot when they all can attend and stamp together! I enjoy designing cards for them, knowing that they might use it for a certain birthday or occasion.

Fall card idea for thinking of you or sympathy

Let them know. After last month's event she sent me an email telling me she had wanted to mention this, but forgot.

The email said: "My boss got promoted and I was helping to pack up some of his things to move and I found all the cards that I have ever made and given to him.  He said they are too special to throw out."

She went on to say, "My dad also has kept all the cards I have made for him, said he can’t throw them out, they mean so much."

She was most touched by the thought, "Two men who have a really hard time expressing emotion and a little paper card touches them."

She ended by honoring me with the sweetest words: "Thank you for teaching me to make such pretty cards to share with the special people in my life!"

That brought tears to my eyes. It is truly why I do what I do!

A business that isn't really a business.

Having a Stampin' Up! business isn't about spreadsheets and net losses or gains. It is about the people we stamp with and the people that they are stamping for.

Sure it's just a little card, but it can offer such strong emotions when words aren't easy to come by or a little spot of kindness is needed to give a break for even a moment from all the negativity and stresses of life.

I encourage you to think of someone you want to bless with a note or message and make them a card. Get out a stamp set, some ink, and some paper. Don't over think it, don't worry that it isn't a masterpiece or museum quality.

To the person receiving it, they might only get bills otherwise or you might be the only person who has reached out in awhile. They will cherish it! To them it is a masterpiece but most of all it is a small piece of you. Isn't that what we all want? To be loved and thought of by others.

In this we make a difference.

Stampin' Up! has a Mission Statement that they call the Statement of the Heart. It reads: "To love what we do and share what we love, as we help others enjoy creativity and worthwhile accomplishments ... in this we make a difference." Isn't that beautiful?!

I am so proud and honored to be someone who is allowed to make a difference in other's lives. Even when it is only one card at a time!

I would treasure the opportunity to help you make differences in other's lives by having you join my team or by sharing weekly project ideas with you.

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