March 2022 - Card Kit in the Mail is 2 yrs old!


Our Card Kit in the Mail is 2 years old this month!

It was born out of necessity! We had card kits prepped for an in person event that wasn't allowed to happen.

Instead of letting the cards go to waste, we offered them to the people to work on in the privacy of their own homes.

Then we opened them up to others who might have wanted a little creative release during a very trying time.

To celebrate that need to be creative, but maybe in a smaller way, we are premiering a "Mini Kit"!

This is a smaller version of our usual 8 card kit.

The Mini Kit is a 4 card Kit!

It will still have all the card parts, envelopes, color instructions, but in a in a snack size! At a snack price!

This mini kit will be offered this month exclusively for $14!



Want more cards?!

You can still get 8 cards at the same $25 price!

With the Regular Size Kit you'll get two each of the 4 designs!


Maybe you still need more cards for the month!


Then choose the BUFFET size! 12 cards!

3 of each design for $36!


Don't need the supplies, but just want the ideas?

You can get a color pdf of the instructions for only $5 or free with a $50 order!

Just place your product order and the instructions will be emailed to you once they are available.

The kit prices include shipping directly to your home!

Birthday Cards - Card Kit in the Mail

This photo is of a past kit, and is a representation of the quality of cards included in the kits

Choose the size KIT you'd like:

SNACK SIZE - 4 cards (1 each of 4 designs) $14

REGULAR SIZE - 8 cards (2 each of 4 designs) $25

BUFFET SIZE - 12 cards (3 each of 4 designs) $36


We make the Kits and You make them your own!

You will assemble the cards and add your own sentiments and inside greetings using your own stamp sets and ink (as we can't stamp for you).

You'll receive color photo project sheets with instructions and tips for assembling.

You'll also need your own took kit (adhesive, bone folder and scissors).

Envelopes will be included so that you can decorate them as well!


Payments must be made before the kit will be mailed out.

Join us for our CARD KIT ANNIVERARY CELEBRATION and we'll bring the stamping fun right to your front door!