Meet my Team Pt 3

Meet Anna! She is someone who has had life long creativity!


My dear cousin Anna is one of the most amazing people I have ever known. She has been an inspiration to me my whole life. 



As early as I can remember she has been doing some kind of crafting; whether it was crocheting, sewing, scrapbooking, cardmaking, or cooking/baking. She is an excellent cook and has even done it professionally. 


Franksville, WI. Anna lives in southeast Wisconsin not too far north of the Illinois border. She had gone to stamping nights with a lady local to her for many years. That all changed when I started my stamping business.


She is one of the first people who helped me build my business. She started coming to my local fun nights. 


It was always a hike for her, but she did it because it allowed us to stamp together and visit. They have always been good times with someone I love and appreciate!


Born Teacher. She was always lending a helping hand to less experienced stampers. While not known to them, it was very obvious to me that she was being what she has been her whole life - a teacher. 


She is the oldest child of nine so teaching, guiding, leading is just who she is. She has always lead by example and set a standard for others to follow. 


She is a class act!


We have bonded over our love of stamping. She signed up to get emails for weekly inspiration. She would order online when she needed something.


She became a  Paper Pumpkin subscriber!


Delightful surprise! Then one day she told me she wanted to get a discount on her orders. She wanted to order a Starter Kit!


She joined during a time with great deal and got two free stamps sets!


She wanted more than a discount. She was building a business of her own.

She would get orders from family and friends. She dove into training and activities to help her grow her business. 


We even got to be roommates at a fun Stampin' Up! convention!


Only you know your own timing. Just recently she decided she needed to step away for awhile. Other areas of her life needed attention instead.


It's not the end of the world. She gets to keep the product she has ordered. She gets to keep the bonuses she earned. She has the inspiration and knowledge that she has collected during her time in the "business".



It really is, No harm. No foul. 


One of the best parts of her time with Stampin' Up! is that we are closer now than we were as children! That's not going to change! 


I love her! I admire her! I count her as one of my dearest friends and I am still in awe of her, like I was when I was a child.


Anna gave it a try! Her circumstances changed along the way and her business wasn't going to fit in as well as it had. That's the only thing that changed. 


She is going to continue to love stamping and we will stamp together. She will go back to being a customer. 


She just doesn't get a discount when she orders. But, she gave it a try!  Sometime in the future, she could give it another try!



So may I suggest to you, just give it a try

You never know what will happen! 


This is a flexible opportunity. Maybe you just want the latest great deal!


Right now you can get $125 in product for only $99 plus you get to add two stamp sets of your choice for FREE! No price limit!


It's BEYOND a great deal! It is like you are getting nearly 60% off your order!



Plus you have the opportunity to continue to get at least 20% off all future orders! Who wouldn't love that!?


Maybe you want to build a business like Anna did! There is online training available, Facebook Groups full of other crafters that inspire and share, and there is one on one training available if you would like.



Only you know your timing! Maybe you tried it once and it didn't quite work. Let me just say, "that was then, this is now!" Give it a try again!


You decide what to do with the opportunity! 

Do as little or as much as YOU want to do!


I'd be happy to help you have the best experience based on your needs! 


Do you have questions?  Contact me!


Do you want more information?  Check it out!


Are you ready to get started?