Party Panda fun


You said you needed a cute birthday card idea. How about one that is full of color, sparkle, and fun! Nothing could be better than a panda holding a balloon and wishing you Happy Birthday!

If I could speak to the younger me

I recently read a blog post from a Mom of a special needs child who was watching her child prepare for an art competition. 

The mother was concerned with how discouraged the child would become in the process of creating her "perfect" art piece for the competition.

The child struggled with getting what was in her head down on paper in a way that satisfied her, but more importantly trying to capture what she thought the judges will be looking for. She talked about the child not yet being at an age to know her style. 

The child showed great bravery to try to compete and face the possible harsh critique and comments which are a part of a judged competition.

The mom went on to say she knows that is best to resist the instinct to protect her child, but as a 


Momma she wanted to discourage her child from competing - to keep her child's feeling safe.


Instead she continued to encourage her child to 

"Follow her joy and listen to her inner voice" and to "keep on creating."  


She concluded it was best that her child learn that it really doesn't matter if her artwork never brings joy to others or wins awards. All that matters is that the artwork brings her joy in the making and completion.


Epic Celebrations

This story hits home for me, as I have had a lifelong love of creating...painting, drawing, crafts, etc. But at a young age my creative spirit was crushed by someone important to me. 


A project that I created at school was lovingly given to them and a short time later I found it sitting on top of the trash heap. Leaving me with crushed feelings of inadequacy. 


This one heartbreaking and careless act stayed with me too many years and fueled an inner voice that told me that my art wasn't "good enough". 


Since my art was very important to me it quickly translated into my own feelings of me not being "good enough". 


It was only years later when I was a woman in my 40's that I heard the right words that finally "undid" the damage. 


I was asked to create a Creativity Journal and in this process I was able to dig up this old memory that had buried itself . 


By digging it out and grieving for the loss of joy in creating I able to comfort that bruised little child and finally heal myself. 


It freed me from that harsh inner voice and those terrible feelings once and for all. 


I, myself, could move forward to NOT judge my art, but judge the feelings that it unleashed in me. 


I was able to learn that if the act of creating makes me happy, then I am happy. I no longer need to go to an outside validation.


So, if I could speak to my younger self I would tell her, your art is an expression of your inner beauty. Only by bringing it forward will you truly become yourself. 


I would hold her and comfort her. I would let her know that her own joy is the only reward she will ever need. 


I would tell her to keep experimenting, keep learning, keep trying, keep creating. I would tell her to bring joy to herself. 


In speaking to my younger self, I am also speaking to you. 


I give you permission to stop doubting your own creativity. 


I give you permission to know it is okay to use Pinterest as an inspiration. 


It is okay to copy a project you saw somewhere to bring yourself joy or to give to someone to bring them joy. 


If you need guidance to know how to pull everything together, go ahead and use project instructions.


Allow yourself to step away from the instructions and try your ideas. 


It is with different colors, different papers, different stamp sets that you will make the project your own. 


When you allow yourself this freedom then you will find your own style. 


Go play! Have fun! Make ''mistakes". Laugh at yourself and let it go!


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Birthday Card Bash Project 3

Picture Perfect birthday wishes!

Since 70% of the cards I make are Happy Birthday I scope out the catalog for sets and accessories that will help make those cards easier! 

The Picture Perfect Party Suite does that! It contains pretty paper (including cardstock), a beyond awesome stamp set with lots to offer, and even ink!! 

I love that Stampin' Up! has brought back the little Stampin' Spots! A perfect "try me" size of ink in a 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" square. 

The Picture Perfect Party Stampin' Spots includes 4 colors, Bermuda Bay, Berry Burst, Peekaboo Peach, and Pool Party. 

Here's the Basics

Cardbase (Whisper White): 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" folded in half along the long side for a left side opening card

Accent layer (Berry Burst): 4" x 5 1/4"

Paper Accent (Picture Perfect Party): 4" x 2"

Greeting piece (Whisper White): 1 3/4" x 3"

Greeting Accent piece (Lemon Lime Twist) 2 1/2" x 2 1/2"

Add a little splash of color with Bermuda Bay 3/8" Mini Chevron ribbon laid across the paper seam (you'll want to use Mini Glue Dots to hold the ribbon)

The candles are stamped "watermark style" by using Berry Burst ink (Spots) on Berry Burst cardstock!

The greeting is stamped with the Bermuda Bay ink spot!

I didn't use the new embossing folder that is part of the Suite: Simple Stripes Embossing Folder or the cute and colorful Birthday Mini Binder Clips but both of them are in my Shopping Cart!

Stash tools (you will use these often on many projects):   2 1/4" circle punch and the Everyday Label punch

Use SNAIL or your favorite adhesive to hold the two punched greeting pieces together. Then pop them up with Stampin' Dimensionals!

Just so you know, if you pick up the basic supplies for this card you'll have enough to get a Sale-A-Bration freebie

Add in the Stash tools and the Suite products that weren't used and you can choose two freebies or one of the new this year $100 choices

The tough part will be trying to decide what to choose! 

Have fun making this card! 

Meet My Team - Pt 4

Meet the first member of my team! 


She had attended her first Stampin' Up! party way back in 1998


She fell in love with the coordinating colors and the stamps that were sold in sets that all worked perfectly together! 


Very different than stepping into a craft store at that time. It could be so overwhelming in those stores. She would find herself lost and confused!


Fast forward to 2004. She had hosted and attended parties, but about this time of year (during SaleAbration), she attended three parties in one month!

She got lots of free stuff while building her stamping stash. 


She liked that!


But going to so many parties so close together got her thinking:


She knew she loved the product and she definitely liked getting stuff for free! She wondered if there was even more for her. 


She saw that there was a great deal called a Starter Kit. She was told if she bought it she would be able get a 20% discount on all her future purchases! 


She really liked that!


She was already enjoying a discount with another home party company so she knew a little bit about these "party plans". 


The discount sounded nice, but it made her curious about what her experience with Stampin' Up! might be like.  She had a couple of requirements that were important to her.


She checked with all three people she had just stamped with to ask: 

  1. Are you part of a larger, fun group who could answer questions if I had them?
  2. Are you going to be around in case I need help?

The "Demo" at the first party, didn't have many answers. That Demo didn't have anyone to ask. In fact, that Demo was thinking about getting out. 


That wasn't the right fit.


The second "Demo" had a group around her. The Demo could answer questions, but seemed more concerned with herself and came across as pushy.


That wasn't the right fit either. 


The third "Demo" took her time. That Demo was patient and wasn't pushy! There was an amazing group available too. They were just as much fun as the Demo.

Finally, all the requirements were met.


It was "just right"! The perfect fit!



She bought that Starter Kit and she lived happily ever after!



Have you guessed yet? 



The first member of my team was:






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You decide what to do with the opportunity! 


In 2004 I only wanted the discount. I wasn't ever going to do parties! 

Then one of my friends asked me to do a party. I did it and it was fun!


It was just me stamping with friends! Plus, I made a little money! 


I liked that!


You decide what will work for you. Give it a try!


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Happy to Juggle your Birthday


A festive and cute card idea that uses the Free stamp set Party Panda available until the end of March (or until supplies run out). This was my favorite stamp set immediately when I saw the Sale-a-bration catalog. I just saw so many options of cards that could be made with the set. I had been seeing others showing the panda juggling, so I wanted to do my own spin on that idea. The pretty Tutti Fruitti sequins are so festive so I knew their color combination would be perfect with this card.

Meet my Team Pt 3

Meet Anna! She is someone who has had life long creativity!


My dear cousin Anna is one of the most amazing people I have ever known. She has been an inspiration to me my whole life. 



As early as I can remember she has been doing some kind of crafting; whether it was crocheting, sewing, scrapbooking, cardmaking, or cooking/baking. She is an excellent cook and has even done it professionally. 


Franksville, WI. Anna lives in southeast Wisconsin not too far north of the Illinois border. She had gone to stamping nights with a lady local to her for many years. That all changed when I started my stamping business.


She is one of the first people who helped me build my business. She started coming to my local fun nights. 


It was always a hike for her, but she did it because it allowed us to stamp together and visit. They have always been good times with someone I love and appreciate!


Born Teacher. She was always lending a helping hand to less experienced stampers. While not known to them, it was very obvious to me that she was being what she has been her whole life - a teacher. 


She is the oldest child of nine so teaching, guiding, leading is just who she is. She has always lead by example and set a standard for others to follow. 


She is a class act!


We have bonded over our love of stamping. She signed up to get emails for weekly inspiration. She would order online when she needed something.


She became a  Paper Pumpkin subscriber!


Delightful surprise! Then one day she told me she wanted to get a discount on her orders. She wanted to order a Starter Kit!


She joined during a time with great deal and got two free stamps sets!


She wanted more than a discount. She was building a business of her own.

She would get orders from family and friends. She dove into training and activities to help her grow her business. 


We even got to be roommates at a fun Stampin' Up! convention!


Only you know your own timing. Just recently she decided she needed to step away for awhile. Other areas of her life needed attention instead.


It's not the end of the world. She gets to keep the product she has ordered. She gets to keep the bonuses she earned. She has the inspiration and knowledge that she has collected during her time in the "business".



It really is, No harm. No foul. 


One of the best parts of her time with Stampin' Up! is that we are closer now than we were as children! That's not going to change! 


I love her! I admire her! I count her as one of my dearest friends and I am still in awe of her, like I was when I was a child.


Anna gave it a try! Her circumstances changed along the way and her business wasn't going to fit in as well as it had. That's the only thing that changed. 


She is going to continue to love stamping and we will stamp together. She will go back to being a customer. 


She just doesn't get a discount when she orders. But, she gave it a try!  Sometime in the future, she could give it another try!



So may I suggest to you, just give it a try

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Maybe you want to build a business like Anna did! There is online training available, Facebook Groups full of other crafters that inspire and share, and there is one on one training available if you would like.



Only you know your timing! Maybe you tried it once and it didn't quite work. Let me just say, "that was then, this is now!" Give it a try again!


You decide what to do with the opportunity! 

Do as little or as much as YOU want to do!


I'd be happy to help you have the best experience based on your needs! 


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Birthday Wit - calorie free


A card idea so quick and easy you will want to whip up several on your next card making day!