Meet My Team - Pt 4

Meet the first member of my team! 


She had attended her first Stampin' Up! party way back in 1998


She fell in love with the coordinating colors and the stamps that were sold in sets that all worked perfectly together! 


Very different than stepping into a craft store at that time. It could be so overwhelming in those stores. She would find herself lost and confused!


Fast forward to 2004. She had hosted and attended parties, but about this time of year (during SaleAbration), she attended three parties in one month!

She got lots of free stuff while building her stamping stash. 


She liked that!


But going to so many parties so close together got her thinking:


She knew she loved the product and she definitely liked getting stuff for free! She wondered if there was even more for her. 


She saw that there was a great deal called a Starter Kit. She was told if she bought it she would be able get a 20% discount on all her future purchases! 


She really liked that!


She was already enjoying a discount with another home party company so she knew a little bit about these "party plans". 


The discount sounded nice, but it made her curious about what her experience with Stampin' Up! might be like.  She had a couple of requirements that were important to her.


She checked with all three people she had just stamped with to ask: 

  1. Are you part of a larger, fun group who could answer questions if I had them?
  2. Are you going to be around in case I need help?

The "Demo" at the first party, didn't have many answers. That Demo didn't have anyone to ask. In fact, that Demo was thinking about getting out. 


That wasn't the right fit.


The second "Demo" had a group around her. The Demo could answer questions, but seemed more concerned with herself and came across as pushy.


That wasn't the right fit either. 


The third "Demo" took her time. That Demo was patient and wasn't pushy! There was an amazing group available too. They were just as much fun as the Demo.

Finally, all the requirements were met.


It was "just right"! The perfect fit!



She bought that Starter Kit and she lived happily ever after!



Have you guessed yet? 



The first member of my team was:






Maybe you're like me and you want to go for the great deal!?


Right now you can get $125 in product for only $99!

Plus you get to add two stamp sets of your choice for FREE

No price limit!


Maybe you're like me and want to be around a fun group?


Let me tell you, things are even better today!  There is an even bigger group!


We easily connect in a private Facebook Group and you could have stamping friends from all over the US that inspire and share with you!






You decide what to do with the opportunity! 


In 2004 I only wanted the discount. I wasn't ever going to do parties! 

Then one of my friends asked me to do a party. I did it and it was fun!


It was just me stamping with friends! Plus, I made a little money! 


I liked that!


You decide what will work for you. Give it a try!


You can do as little or as much as YOU want to do!



I would be honored to be that "Just Right" person for you! 



I'd love to help you have YOUR best experience with Stampin' Up! 


Questions?  Contact me!


Need more information?  Check it out!


Are you ready to get started?